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Wood Blinds

Product Overview

Why Our Wood Blinds?

Why Wood Blinds?

Wood blinds have alsways been a top choice when it comes to premium blinds and with their natural look, it brings a beautiful touch to your home. With an array of beautiful natural wood stains, paints, and even wire brushed finishes, our natural wood blinds are sure to make a statement. In addition, Add a woven decorative tape in a contrasting or complementary color to truly get a custom blind. Check out our faux wood selections if budget is a priority!

  • Our woods are chosen for their natural insulating properties and instantly invoke a warming space with its luxurious, gleaming wood.

  • Add value and a timeless look to your living spaces with numerous choices of stains, paints, and aluminum brushed wood finishes and truly make a statement in your home

  • The look of wood and the minimal upkeep of vinyl makes our faux line perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • With our faux wood line, get the look of classic hardwood or vintage Venetian without tapping into your hard earned money with our unbeatable pricing.

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Wood Blinds


Classic and Elegant

Wood Finishes

For the love of tradition, while keeping up with modern design, wood blinds are the perfect option for your home project. With a large selection of finishes for real and faux wood, wood blinds add captivating style without breaking the budget. In addition, their practicality and ease of cleaning make it the perfect blind for any room.

Natural Wood

Wood finish 1.jpg


Wood finish 2.jpg


Wood finish 3.jpg

Wire Brush

Faux Wood

Wood finish 4.png


Wood finish 5.png

Wood Tones

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 8 (1).png

Design Options

Wood design 1.jpg

Standard Decorative Valance

Our decorative valance, standard on all blinds, has a distinctive style that will complement any decor.

Wood design 2.jpg

Optional Crescent Valance

Opt for a more comtemporary and low profile look with the Crescent valance.

Wood design 3.jpg

Optional Modern Valance

[Real wood ONLY]

A truly modern touch. With its sleek and even profiling, it's sure to match the more modern-day architechture.

Wood design 4.jpg

Optional Forte Valance

[Real wood ONLY]

Is a more BOLD statement what you're after? The Forte prvides just that with its large profile design.

Wood design 5.jpg


Use as a beautiful decorative accent or use it to cover large valance splices.

Wood design 6.jpg

Tape valance

Add a decorative strip to your valance for a personal, popping touch.

Wood design 7.jpg

Decorative Tapes

Perfect for covering route holes in your blinds, this decorative tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns for your own personal touch in any room.

Wood design 8.jpg

Routeless Slats

Specifically designed without route holes to minimize bleeding light in your blinds.

Control Options


Wood option 1.jpg

Remotelift Motorization

An economical option to a remote system, hard to reach places are no more at the touch of a button with our remote lift motorization option.


Wood option 2.jpg

Cordless Lift

Considered one of the safest options for kids, This cordless system opens and closes with just your fingertips.

Wood option 3.jpg

Cordless Lift & Lock

Utilize the power of a button with this cordless system. Press and hold the button embedded on the base until you've reached the desired height, then release to lock again!


Wood option 4.jpg

Wand Tilt

Opt for a tilt wand to tilt your blinds with the ease of a simple twist.

Wood option 5.jpg

Tilt / Lift Cords

Slats lift and lower with a lift cord, and open and lower with a tilt cord. A perfect option for those who enjoy the accenting cords.

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