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Natural Wovens
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Natural Wovens


Outdoor Beauty, Indoors

Product Overview

Why Our Natual Wovens?

Why Natural Wovens?

With their uncanny ability to refresh your living space, Natural Woven Shades are the go-to for interior designers world-wide. Organic fibers from jute to rattan and bamboo to wood bring global texture and international style right to your own home. Choose Natural Wovens for a truly natural look for your project.

  • From harvest to fabrication, over 20 different specialists hand-create each unique shade for each of our three collections.

  • Want high quality with style? Look to details like hand-sewn rings stitched right into the weave.

  • Natural Woven Shades are meticulously hand-fed on a loom with all-natual hand-made yarns by skilled artisans who’ve passed their craft for generations.

  • Accent the natural flair with handsome sewn-edge binding choices that add finished flair to the product and your project.

Colors & Fabrics

Give your home a fresh, all-natural look with Natural Wovens Shades that add value and a relaxing feel to your home. Light-filtering grasses, reeds, papyrus, and bamboo woven by artisans to exhibit all the perfect imperfections - and hues - found in nature bring an organic, sophisticated style of the outdoors, indoors.

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Woven Woods

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Grass Weaves

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Select Weaves

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Design Options

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Top-down / Bottom Up

Operates from the top down or the bottom up for more light control and privacy options. Open from the top and bottom together for more flexibility.

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Our top selling look for good reason. The back valance conceals the hardware from the exterior while the wrapping flap accent covers the front in a beautiful waterfall look.

Natural design 2.jpg

Fixed Liner

Light-filtering, room-darkening or blackout liner is attached to the back of the natural woven shade and raises/lowers in unison with the shade.

Natural design 5.jpg

Edge Bindings

Our sewn edge bindings lend durability, structure and a clean appearance to your shade. Perfect for those who want an even more custom look.

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Two-On-One / 


Two or three independently operating shades share the same headrail for a cleaner, more unified look. Ideal for wide-set windows and patio doors.

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Panel Track

Fabric panels slide effortlessly across doors and large expanses of glass and give a wonderful, warm aura to the room and a perfect tie to your window fashions.

Control Options


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Rechargable Simplicity

A rechargable economical RF motorization system operated by a remote allows for customer ease of use and energy efficient savings.

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Remotelift Motorization

An economical option to a remote system, hard to reach places are no more at the touch of a button.with our remote lift motorization option.


Natural control 3.jpg

Touchlift Cordless

Shade raises gently and automatically with a slight tug on the bottom hem. Shade lowers manually by pulling on the bottom hem and stop at any desired height with a slight tug on bottom again.


Natural control 4.jpg

Continuous Cord Loop

With child safety in mind, our specially designed continuous loop system is mounted on the wall to keep dangling cords out of the picture.

Natural control 5.jpg

Standard Cord Control

This durable, east to operate options has a multi-cord lock & guided pulley system with antique brass or white finishes ensuring a smooth, ever-lasting operation. Decorative wood tassels add a classic touch.

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